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Rank with Google Advanced Authority Stacking

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Rank with Google Advanced Authority Stacking


Are you a business owner investing in your online presence, only to find your website buried in the second page of search results? 

The worst part? Every investment seems to be putting you one step behind your competitors and:.


  • Low conversions
  • Zero leads
  • Your attempts at building online authority fall short
  • Minimal visibility among your target audience and potential customers


If you're not careful, these unseen issues could soon manifest into a visible and overwhelming problem.

Your online business heavily relies on organic traffic, and the drop in rankings is affecting your bottom line.

Rank with Google Advanced Authority Stacking Ranking Booster by Topseoboost

Authority stacking involves strategically linking various web properties to boost overall domain authority. 


Authority Stacking is a technique used in SEO to improve the backlink profile of a website. It involves creating assets on Google platforms such as;

  • Google Drive
  • Docs
  • Sheets
  • Forms, and 
  • Slides


…and building links within those assets to your website. 


The purpose of this is to improve the overall authority of the linked entity by leveraging the PageRank authority of Google’s domain. 

Google indexes content on its own assets very quickly, which makes stacking a fast way to build topical relevance and backlinks for a target entity. 

The advantages of this process on your website include:


  • Increasing the target website’s Domain Authority
  • Increasing the Page Authority for linked web pages (URLs) in the Google Stack, and Improving the overall strength and visibility of your website 


However, Google Stacking can be time-consuming to set up each asset in the stack on the various platforms.


We will create all G Properties and properly, optimize all those properties using Logo, Banner, and Bio for your preferred keywords and then interlink and STACK them all together to get a maximum boost in Google Ranking.


Here is a sample of Full Google Authority Stack from topseoboost >>topseoboost<<

Service Packages:

BASIC - Google Authority Stack 60 Target Keywords $50

G-drive Public Folder, G-site, Docs, Spreadsheet, Map, Slides, Form ( 60+ Target Keywords)

STANDARD - Google Authority Stack 120 Target Keywords $90

G-drive Public Folder, G-site, Docs, Spreadsheet, Map, Slides, Form ( 120+ Target Keywords)

PREMIUM - Google Authority Stack 250 Target Keywords $180

G-drive Public Folder, G-site, Docs, Spreadsheet, Map, Slides, Form ( 250+ Target Keywords)


This is a 100% complete WHITE HATE SEO Technique with no penalties or risks.


✓ Help BOOST your site rankings very FAST!

✓ 100% Manual WHITE-HAT Link Building Process With No RISKS OR PENALTY

✓ ALL WORK Done MANUALLY - NO BOTS OR Software Are Used

✓ Google Really Considers THIS Advance SEO Technique - Because it is using its own entity!

✓ Helps beat the local proximity filter

✓ Passes power to your GMB

✓ Increase in Map Rankings

✓ Helps to boost Local Organic Rankings


So, if you would like to have all the mentioned benefits for your business then without further due order now.

Feel free to ask me any questions regarding any of my services. I will be happy to answer them all.


Best regards,

Top SEO Boost

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