Violence and Unlawful Behavior Last update 1 month ago

Ensuring the safety and security of our community is paramount at Xp Freelancer. We take all threats of violence seriously and are committed to proactively mitigating any potential risks to our users or those beyond our platform. Our vigilant approach involves carefully evaluating language and context to identify credible threats, and we take appropriate action against individuals who violate our policies. In cases of imminent danger to life or safety, we may also notify law enforcement authorities.

Incitement and Glorification

Incitement, or the encouragement of unlawful conduct, is strictly prohibited on Xp Freelancer. This includes any attempts to persuade others to commit a crime, which may itself constitute a criminal offense. Additionally, the glorification of violence—whether through celebration or endorsement—is expressly forbidden. We maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards:

  • Threats of violence against individuals, groups, or animals.
  • Statements advocating physical harm, including discussions of murder or mass violence.
  • Promotion or support of violent ideologies, terrorism, or hate groups.
  • Display of hate symbols or imagery associated with violent ideologies.

Dangerous Organizations and Individuals

Xp Freelancer prohibits any content or activities associated with dangerous organizations, their members, or their ideologies. This encompasses international and domestic terror groups, criminal organizations, extremist entities, and hate/conspiracy groups. We do not tolerate:

  • Promotion or endorsement of violence, hate speech, or propaganda.
  • Support for dangerous organizations or their activities.
  • Services related to the agendas of these groups or their members.

Misinformation and Fake News

The spread of misinformation poses a significant threat to individuals and society as a whole. Xp Freelancer is committed to combating misinformation and disinformation by promptly addressing any attempts to disseminate false or misleading information. We prohibit:

  • Services aimed at creating, promoting, or distributing misinformation or fake news.
  • Use of generative AI tools to produce deceptive content, including deepfakes.
  • Services that facilitate the spread of propaganda or false narratives.

Election Integrity and Political Content

To uphold the integrity of democratic processes, Xp Freelancer strictly prohibits any attempts to interfere with elections or undermine civic integrity. This includes efforts to disrupt voting procedures, spread misleading information, or incite violence related to political activities. We do not tolerate:

  • Services intended to interfere with elections or democratic processes.
  • Misleading information about voting procedures or election-related matters.
  • Promotion of violent behavior or threats against political entities or processes.
  • Creation of fake accounts or content to manipulate public opinion.

While we encourage the exchange of diverse viewpoints and creative expression, we are unwavering in our commitment to safeguarding