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Welcome to Xp Freelancer! We're thrilled to welcome you to our platform.

The following terms of service (these "Terms of Service") govern your access to and use of xpfreelancer.com and the products, features, services, technologies, and software published on it and the Xp Freelancer mobile app (the “Xp Freelancer Services”). The terms “us”, “we”, “our” refer to Xp Freelancer and its managing companies: 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, United Kingdom, London, United Kingdom “You” or “User” means you as a user of the Site.

XPF Technologies OÜ is a legal entity registered and operating by the legislation of Estonia.

Subject to the conditions set forth herein, Xp Freelancer may, in its sole discretion, amend these Terms of Service and any other agreements that comprise the Terms of Service at any time by posting a revised version on the Site. Any revisions to the Terms of Service will take effect on the noted last updated date (the “Last Updated” date).

You must read, agree to, and accept all of the terms and conditions contained in this Terms of Service, as well as the Related Documents, to use Xp Freelancer Services. Xp Freelancer considers your use of Xp Freelancer Services as an acceptance of the Terms of Service and the Related documents. If you do not accept these Terms of Service or the Related documents, you must not access or use Xp Freelancer Services after the Last Updated date. For more detailed policies surrounding the activity and usage on the Site, please access the designated sections herein.

Last updated: 12/12/2023

You can contact our dedicated Support Team 24/7 if you have any questions regarding Xp Freelancer Services or the Terms of Service. Your questions will be answered in the order of arrival. You can contact our Support Team here.

Till Deal Ltd, with its registered address at 105-109 Sumatra Road, London, England, NW6 1PL, is the authorized reseller and merchant of the products and services offered within this store on the territory of EU, UK, and ROW.

Terms of Use


Users must be of legal age or have reached the age of majority in their jurisdiction to use Xp Freelancer Services.

Restricted Access:

XpFreelancer.com is not available to residents of Iran, Cuba, North Korea, the Russian Federation, and other countries and territories listed by OFAC.


To create or order freelance tasks, users must register with a valid email address or social media account.

Account Limitation:

Each user is allowed to create only one account. Xp Freelancer reserves the right to delete duplicate accounts.

Account Deletion:

Users may delete their account only after completing and delivering all tasks. Deleted accounts can be restored within 30 days if deleted by mistake.

Account Restrictions:

Users cannot create a new account using the same email, phone number, and payment details as a previously deleted account.

Account Security:

Users are responsible for protecting their authentication details to prevent misuse and should promptly notify Xp Freelancer of any abuse.

Account Ownership:

Users may not buy, sell, gift, or share an Xp Freelancer account.

Username Guidelines:

Upon registration, users must create a valid username, adhering to specified guidelines. Offensive usernames will be modified by Xp Freelancer.

User-Generated Content:

Users are individually responsible for all content posted on Xp Freelancer, including tasks, pictures, videos, reviews, and comments.

Non-Employee Status:

Users acknowledge that they are not considered workers, employees, or agents of Xp Freelancer and cannot represent themselves as such.

Assignment of Rights:

Users do not have the right to assign their rights and obligations under these Terms of Service, while Xp Freelancer may assign its rights without user consent.

Prohibited Content:

Profanity, vulgarity, unauthorized advertising, and content negatively affecting Xp Freelancer’s brand image are prohibited.

Content Removal and Account Suspension:

Xp Freelancer reserves the right to remove content and suspend or remove a user's account without explanation, especially in cases of unauthorized access or suspicious activity.

Dispute Resolution:

Disputes, including financial matters, can be resolved by contacting Xp Freelancer’s Support Team. Unique issues will be resolved as deemed appropriate by the Support Team.


Users may not disclose information obtained while signed in to Xp Freelancer, respecting the privacy of other users.

Legal Compliance:

Sellers earning income through Xp Freelancer are responsible for complying with local regulations, including licensing and tax laws.

Ethical Advertising:

Users may not use unethical advertising methods to promote Xp Freelancer, copy services, or misuse Xp Freelancer’s branding.

Termination of Terms:

Xp Freelancer may unilaterally terminate these Terms of Service in case of user breach.

Related Documents:

The “Related documents” include Xp Freelancer Copyright Protection, Prohibited Services, Approval Process for Tasks, and the Privacy Policy.

Inactive Accounts:

Xp Freelancer balances are not meant to be kept indefinitely. Inactive accounts may incur charges after 2 years.

Thank you for choosing Xp Freelancer. If you have any questions or concerns, our Support Team is available 24/7 to assist you. Happy freelancing!


Personal Data Processing:

Upon registration, you consent to the storage and processing of your personal data by Xp Freelancer. This includes the use of cookies, data, and identifiers necessary for website operation, effective implementation of the affiliate program, and promotional activities.

Information and Communication:

By agreeing to our Data Policy, you may receive information from Xp Freelancer, including email newsletters. This communication is designed to keep you informed about updates, promotions, and relevant news related to Xp Freelancer. You have the option to manage your communication preferences.

Privacy Policy:

The specifics of how and why Xp Freelancer collects and processes your personal data are detailed in our Privacy Policy. We encourage you to review this policy to understand the measures we take to protect your privacy and data security.

Control Over Personal Correspondence:

Xp Freelancer reserves the right to exercise control over personal correspondence between users to ensure compliance with our Terms of Service and Related Documents. This includes the right to review the content of personal correspondence, ensuring a safe and respectful environment for all users.

Intellectual Property Rights:

Xp Freelancer.com and the mobile app, including their general layout, look and feel, design, information, content, and other materials available, are the exclusive property of the owner. These elements are protected by copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property laws.



Buyers and Sellers:

Buyers: Users who purchase freelance services on Xp Freelancer. They are categorized into seven levels: New, Rising, Experienced, Seasoned, Established, Expert, and Top.

Sellers: Users who sell freelance services on Xp Freelancer. They are classified into three levels: New, Advanced, and Professional.

Each User has the flexibility to function as both a seller and a buyer simultaneously.

Freelance Services (Xp Freelance):

Xp Freelance service is a freelance service offered in the Marketplace.

The fixed minimum price for an Xp Freelance service is $5.

Xp Freelancer Account:

The Xp Freelancer Account is the personalized section for each User, accessible through authentication details on Xp Freelancer’s sign-in page.


The Portfolio is a collection of a Seller’s work samples, showcasing their skills and expertise.


The Marketplace refers to all Xp Freelance services offered by Sellers on Xp Freelancer as a whole. Buyers explore the Marketplace to purchase Xp Freelance services from sellers.

Package Xp Freelance Services and Extra Options:

Package Xp Freelance Services: Sets of services that sellers can offer together to target different audiences and price points.

Extra Options: Additional services sellers can offer in addition to the main service provided in an Xp Freelance service.

Dedicated Pages:

Xp Freelance Service Page: A dedicated page for each individual Xp Freelance service. Buyers can purchase, read reviews, and learn more about an Xp Freelance service on this page.

Order Page: Where Buyers and Sellers communicate about a purchased Xp Freelance service.

Order Management:

Task-based Orders: Divided into portions, with each specific task worked on and delivered separately.

Custom Xp Freelance Service Offers: Customized Xp Freelance services Sellers create to meet the specific needs of a Buyer.

Custom Xp Freelance Service Requests: Requests Buyers can send to Sellers for a Custom Xp Freelance service offer.

Xp Freelance Service’s Choice:

An Xp Freelance Service’s Choice is a highly-coveted badge awarded to Xp Freelance services that Buyers love for high-quality work and fast delivery.

Financial Terms:

Your Balance: Includes your earnings as a Seller and refunded payments after an order is canceled (as a buyer). Viewable in the Cash Flow section of your account.

Partners: Payment systems or other services that deliver, hold, or receive payments.

Earnings: The money that Sellers receive from completed orders, withdrawable or usable for purchases on Xp Freelancer Services in accordance with these Terms of Service.


At Xp Freelancer, our goal is to facilitate a fair and transparent platform for both Buyers and Sellers. Below are important guidelines regarding Xp Freelancer services, referred to as Gigs:

Creating Gigs:

Sellers can create Gigs for free.

Initially, a new Seller may create up to ten Gigs.

After successfully completing one order, a Seller gains the ability to create an unlimited number of Gigs.

Approval Process:

Each Gig is manually reviewed by a Support Specialist before being posted in the Marketplace.

Xp Freelancer reserves the right to modify or remove Gigs that violate our Terms of Service and/or the Related Documents.

Service Commitment:

By selling a Gig, Sellers commit to providing all included services for every order of the Gig.

Sellers are expected to fulfill orders promptly and cannot refuse to sell an active Gig to a Buyer who pays for the order and provides all necessary information.

Order Manipulation:

Sellers are prohibited from dividing a single order of the same service into several smaller orders (creating duplicate orders) to artificially increase their total number of orders.

In such cases, Xp Freelancer reserves the right to penalize Gigs and/or the User.

Transparency and Accuracy:

Sellers must not mislead Buyers regarding the services they provide.

Violations may result in sanctions and/or the permanent suspension of the offending Gig and/or the Seller’s account.

Content Removal:

If a violation is reported, Xp Freelancer has the right to remove the offending content.

Portfolio Management:

Xp Freelancer reserves the right to unilaterally hide work from a User's portfolio if deemed necessary.

Error Correction:

Sellers must promptly correct any mistakes, errors, or inconsistencies on a Gig page once discovered.

Discrepancies between the scope, delivery, price, and other fields must be resolved promptly.

In case of disputes arising from discrepancies, the information indicated in the dedicated field shall prevail and be resolved in favor of the Buyer.


At Xp Freelancer, we aim to ensure a secure and transparent environment for all transactions. Please review the following guidelines regarding orders:

Advance Payment:

Buyers are required to make advance payments for orders.

Payments are securely held by our trusted Partners until the order is successfully completed.

Prohibited Services:

Before initiating an order, the User (Seller) must verify its compliance with Xp Freelancer's list of Prohibited Services.

If a Buyer requests a service that falls under the prohibited category, the Seller must promptly cancel the order and contact the Support Team for assistance.

Scope Alignment:

If a Buyer's assignment differs in description and scope from the service described by the Seller, and the Seller has already accepted the order, priority is given to the Buyer's assignment.

Assignments can be discussed over correspondence before placing an order, as well as during the ordering process for a Gig.


At Xp Freelancer, we prioritize a secure and transparent environment for all transactions. Familiarize yourself with the following guidelines related to orders:

Advance Payment:

Buyers are obligated to make advance payments for their orders.

Payments are securely held by our trusted Partners until the successful completion of the order.

Prohibited Services:

Prior to initiating an order, Sellers must ensure compliance with Xp Freelancer's list of Prohibited Services.

In the event a Buyer requests a service falling under the prohibited category, the Seller must promptly cancel the order and reach out to the Support Team for assistance.

Scope Alignment:

In cases where a Buyer's assignment varies in description and scope from the service outlined by the Seller, with the Seller already having accepted the order, priority is given to the Buyer's assignment.

Assignments can be discussed over correspondence both before placing an order and during the ordering process for a Gig.


At Xp Freelancer, we prioritize customer satisfaction and effective communication between Buyers and Sellers. Please review the guidelines regarding revisions and additional services:

Successful Completion of Orders:

Orders meeting the criteria outlined in the Gig's description and the Buyer's requirements are considered successfully completed.

If an order falls short, clearly deviates from the standards stated on the Gig page, or does not align with the Buyer’s order requirements, the Buyer has the option to return the delivered work to the Seller for revision.


Sellers must provide revisions until the delivered work meets the standards agreed upon, without requesting additional payment.

Revisions are intended to align the final delivery with the mutually agreed-upon criteria outlined in the Gig's description and the Buyer's requirements.

Additional Services:

  • Sellers have the discretion to offer additional services, including revisions beyond those necessary for the order to be considered successfully completed.
  • Sellers can determine the volume of the service offered and set the associated price.
  • Sellers may choose not to offer additional services or revisions, or they may choose to provide them at no extra cost.


At Xp Freelancer, we recognize the importance of flexibility in transactions. Please review the following guidelines regarding order cancellations:

Mutual Cancellation Right:

Both Sellers and Buyers have the right to cancel any order by providing a valid cancellation reason.

Once a cancellation is confirmed by the other party, payment is refunded to the Buyer.

Cancellation Due to Missed Deadline:

If a Seller misses a deadline, the Buyer can choose to cancel the order, and the funds will be promptly returned to the Buyer without requiring confirmation from the Seller.

Subjective Evaluation:

Orders cannot be canceled solely based on a Buyer’s subjective evaluation of a Seller’s delivery, provided the service aligns with the information on the Gig page.

Xp Freelancer Cancellation Rights:

Xp Freelancer reserves the right to cancel any order that violates our Terms of Service at any time.

Common cancellation reasons include unresponsive Sellers, aggressive behavior, threats, intellectual property violations, deliberate delays, and incomplete or defective deliveries.

Overdue Orders:

Sellers must deliver a product that adheres to the description on their Gig and meets all Buyer requirements.

Failure to comply may result in order cancellation and potential damage to the Seller's status.

Overdue orders are marked as such after the deadline has passed.

Completed Orders Cancellation:

Xp Freelancer reserves the right to cancel completed orders if they severely violate our Terms of Service.

Funds for canceled orders are refunded to the Buyer's balance and deducted from the Seller's balance or future Earnings if the balance is insufficient.

Partial Cancellation:

Partial cancellation of an order is not possible; only complete cancellations with valid reasons are accepted.

Valid reasons for canceling include, but are not limited to:

  • Use of materials violating intellectual property rights.
  • Defective or non-functioning delivery.
  • Unauthorized commercial use of the delivery by the Buyer.
  • These guidelines ensure a fair and transparent cancellation process on Xp Freelancer. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our Support Team for assistance. Happy freelancing!


At Xp Freelancer, we value the protection of intellectual property rights. Please review the following guidelines regarding these rights:

Transfer of Intellectual Property:

  • Upon successful completion and payment of an order, all intellectual property rights associated with the delivery are transferred to the Buyer.
  • Sellers must transfer the license if elements of intellectual property are subject to licensing.

Usage After Payment:

  • Full payment for the Xp Freelancer is a prerequisite for the transfer and assignment of intellectual property.
  • The delivered work may not be used if payment is canceled for any reason.

Royalties and Commercial Use:

  • Unless specified otherwise, Sellers are not entitled to receive royalties from the sale of their work.
  • Commercial use may require a separate license, and Buyers must purchase it for relevant Gig.


We uphold transparency and effective communication. Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Prohibition on Contact Information Exchange:
  • Soliciting and providing contact information outside of Xp Freelancer is prohibited.
  • Exceptions are made for orders where contact information exchange is clearly necessary, and Sellers must explicitly indicate this need in advance.


Private information provided by Buyers is confidential and may only be used for order completion.

All interactions, including orders, payment, and negotiations, must occur within Xp Freelancer Services.


We encourage honest and fair feedback. Please consider the following:

Review Submission:

  • Buyers can leave reviews within 30 days (or 60 days for certain categories) after order completion or cancellation.
  • Positive reviews can be edited or deleted within 30 days (or 60 days for certain categories); negative reviews within two days.

Impact on Seller Rating:

  • Positive and negative reviews influence a Seller's rating.
  • Artificially inflating ratings is not allowed and will result in penalties.

Order Refusals and Ratings:

  • Refusing orders without a valid reason negatively impacts a Seller's rating.
  • Multiple consecutive refusals or ignored orders may put a Seller's gig on hold.

Review Solicitation:

  • Sellers may solicit reviews but cannot explicitly request positive reviews.
  • Intellectual Rights to Reviews:
  • By posting reviews, Users grant Xp Freelancer exclusive intellectual rights without restriction.


User-generated content is important to us. Please be aware of the following:

Content Responsibility:

  • Users are individually responsible for their content.
  • Content must not violate intellectual property rights or any applicable laws.

Virus Check:

Users are responsible for checking files for viruses and malware.

Content Usage by Xp Freelancer:

Uploaded content may be used by Xp Freelancer at its discretion for marketing or other purposes unless explicitly indicated otherwise.

Content Removal and Violations:

Report violations via the feedback form.

Users agree to reimburse Xp Freelancer for expenses in case of a copyright claim.


At Xp Freelancer, we prioritize secure and transparent financial transactions. Please review the following information about payments and finances:


We understand the importance of buyer protection and offer a money-back guarantee under certain circumstances:

Refund Scenarios:

  • Instant refund if the Buyer cancels the order within 20 minutes of placing it.
  • Instant refund if the Seller doesn't start working on the order within 24 hours.
  • Instant refund if the Seller doesn't complete the order on time, and the Buyer chooses to cancel.
  • Instant refund if the Buyer and the Seller mutually agree to cancel the order.
  • Refund after a review by an Xp Freelancer Support Specialist if the order is completed poorly or is incomplete.

Requesting a Refund:

  • Buyers can request a refund by initiating order cancellation on the order page within 0–48 hours of the request.
  • Refund requests cannot be made after the Buyer confirms the order is completed.

Refund Process:

Refunded amounts can be returned to the card used for payment within seven days by placing a "Return to card" request on the Cash Flow page.


We work with trusted partners to facilitate payment transactions and fund storage. Here are the key points:

Cooperation with Partners:

Xp Freelancer cooperates with Partners to collect and transfer payments and store funds on Users' Balances.

Acceptance of Partner Terms:

Users agree to accept the terms and documents of the Partner, including the user agreement.

Authorization for Payment Handling:

  • Sellers authorize Partners to receive and transfer payments from the Buyer's account to the Seller's account.
  • All Users authorize Partners to withhold Xp Freelancer's Service Fee and other applicable fees.

Account Linking:

  • Each Partner account may only be linked to one Xp Freelancer account.
  • It is prohibited to link one credit/debit card to multiple Xp Freelancer accounts.

Fund Storage and Freeze:

  • All funds available for withdrawal will be stored on the User's behalf on the Partner's account.
  • Xp Freelancer reserves the right to freeze fund transfers in case of suspicious or fraudulent activity or order cancellations.

Dispute and Transaction Cancellation:

Users are prohibited from submitting disputes or canceling transactions through payment service providers, banks, or Partners, as this may result in a temporary hold on the account and balance.


When engaging in transactions through Xp Freelancer Services, Users agree to comply with the following payment terms:

Payment System Usage:

Sellers and Buyers are required to use Xp Freelancer's designated payment system for all transactions.

Prohibited Off-Platform Payments:

Making payments outside of Xp Freelancer Services is strictly prohibited. If a User is prompted to use an alternative payment method, immediate contact with Xp Freelancer's Support Team is necessary.

Accepted Payment Methods:

Orders can be paid using debit and credit cards. Buyers may also utilize funds available on their Balance. Additional payment methods may be accessible in specific locations.

Payment Agreement:

Buyers, by placing an order or accepting a custom offer, commit to paying Sellers for their services, inclusive of all associated commissions and fees. The total payment amount is visible to Buyers during the purchase process.

Earnings Transfer and Payment Fulfillment:

Sellers acknowledge that the transfer of Earnings from the Partner is tantamount to the Buyer's direct payment. The Buyer's payment obligation is fulfilled once the Partner receives the payment and is responsible for transferring funds to Sellers. In cases where the Partner fails to transfer any amounts to the Seller, the Seller must contact Xp Freelancer and refrain from direct communication with the Buyer or Partners.

Payment Details:

Sellers agree that Xp Freelancer may specify payment details in receipts, notifications, and other documents provided to Buyers if deemed necessary or reasonable by Xp Freelancer.

Additional Commission:

  • Depending on the Partner's terms and conditions, an additional commission may be charged for the transfer of funds.
  • By participating in transactions on Xp Freelancer, Users ensure compliance with these payment terms. For any inquiries or concerns, Users are encouraged to reach out to Xp Freelancer's Support Team.


Ensuring the security of transactions and user interactions is a priority at Xp Freelancer. Here are the key security measures and guidelines:

Refunds and Balance:

In the event of order cancellation, funds are returned to the Buyer's balance and are available for future purchases and withdrawals on Xp Freelancer Services.

For security reasons, Users can withdraw funds to a different card than the one used to top up their Balance only after six months from the addition of funds.

Withdrawals to the card used for topping up the Balance can be made within seven days of adding funds.

Refund-related matters are at Xp Freelancer's sole discretion.

Payment Information Security:

  • To protect against fraud, unauthorized transactions, money laundering, claims, or liabilities, all payment information is collected by Xp Freelancer or the Partners.
  • Secure transactions are ensured, and all paid funds are placed in an escrow account, transferred to the Seller only upon completion of the work.
  • Performing unpaid tasks or transactions outside the order framework is strictly prohibited and will result in account penalties or freezes.

Access to Payment Information:

Xp Freelancer does not have access to payment information provided to Partners, and this information is governed by the Partners' privacy policy.

User Representations and Invoices:

By making payments or providing payment details on Xp Freelancer Services, Users represent and warrant their legal authorization to use the chosen payment method.

Users agree to receive invoices and payment receipts from Xp Freelancer electronically, in the form of PDF documents, via email, or on Xp Freelancer's platform.

Withdrawing Funds:

  • Funds on a User's Balance can be withdrawn or used for purchases in accordance with Xp Freelancer's Terms of Service.
  • Promo code-acquired funds cannot be withdrawn and may only be used for purchases.
  • Withdrawal requests can be created on the Cash Flow page, with funds withdrawn to Mastercard and Visa cards.
  • Withdrawal fees, determined by Partners, are displayed before creating a withdrawal request, and Users accept these fees during the withdrawal process.
  • Withdrawal requests are processed twice a week on Monday and Thursday. While processing times may vary, requests are typically completed no later than 8:30 PM GMT on the scheduled days.
  • Xp Freelancer reserves the right to temporarily suspend a User's ability to withdraw funds for security reasons or to prevent fraudulent or illegal activities.


Local Currencies:

  • Xp Freelancer allows payments in multiple currencies, with prices pegged to their original USD value.
  • Prices in non-US$ currencies may fluctuate with exchange rates and may include a conversion fee.
  • The minimum Xp Freelancer price remains $10, irrespective of local currencies and exchange rate changes.
  • Payments are made in the displayed currency on the payment page.
  • Currency exchange services are handled by Partners.


  • Users are responsible for paying direct or indirect taxes applicable to them based on their residence or location.
  • Sellers confirm compliance with income tax obligations in their jurisdiction, and Gig prices include applicable taxes and charges.
  • Xp Freelancer or Partners may be required by legislation to charge indirect taxes or withhold taxes, with any additional amounts collected or withheld displayed to Buyers before payment.

Dispute Settlement (Arbitration):

  • Disputes between Sellers and Buyers are initially resolved through negotiation or with Support Team assistance.
  • If negotiations fail, either party can apply for arbitration by submitting relevant information through the arbitration link.
  • Arbiters, appointed Support Team Specialists, evaluate and resolve disputes within 3 business days, with potential extensions in challenging circumstances.
  • Arbiter decisions do not evaluate creative components but focus on adherence to Xp Freelancer Terms of Service.
  • Sellers must not take actions that harm Buyers during order completion, and violating this may result in order cancellation and account penalties.
  • Arbiter discretion is exercised in severe violations, and fraudulent orders may result in refunds or sanctions.

Proprietary Rights:

Users are prohibited from actions that:

  • Copy, transfer, adapt, modify, distribute, transmit, display, create derivative works, publish, or reproduce Xp Freelancer Services.
  • Attempt to derive source code, reverse assemble, decompile, or reverse engineer Xp Freelancer Services.
  • Remove copyright notices, identification, or other proprietary notices.
  • Circumvent, remove, alter, deactivate, degrade, or interfere with any technological measures or protections.
  • Gain unauthorized access, interfere with, damage, or disrupt the operation ofXp Freelancer Services.
  • Use unauthorized third-party software, introduce malicious materials, or engage in activities harmful to Xp Freelancer Services.
  • Access or use Xp Freelancer Services in any manner not expressly permitted by these Terms of Service.

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