Gig Approval Process Last update 7 months ago

Gig Approval Process:

At Xp Freelancer, we're dedicated to maintaining the highest standards for every freelance gig offered on our platform. To ensure quality and uphold the integrity of our marketplace, we've implemented a thorough Gig Approval Process. Here's what you need to know:

Manual Approval:

All gigs are manually approved in the order of submission by our dedicated Support Team.

Approval Timeframe:

The duration of the approval process may vary, ranging from a few minutes to several hours, depending on the workload. On weekends and holidays, approvals may take up to several days.

Activation or Rejection:

Gigs are either activated or rejected after the approval process. If a gig is rejected, the reviewing support specialist will provide reasons for rejection. Sellers can edit and resubmit gigs for approval.

Buyer Requests:

Buyer requests posted on the Exchange undergo the same approval process as gigs.

Rules for Creating Gigs:

When creating gigs on Xp Freelancer, please adhere to the following rules:

Prohibited Services:

Services listed as prohibited in our Terms of Service or the Gig's list of prohibited services may not be published.

Gig Structure:

Each gig should contain either a single service or a group of interrelated and complementary services offered together. Different service types should be listed as separate gigs.

Clarity and Accuracy:

The text of a gig should be clearly written, intelligible, and error-free. The title should accurately reflect the service offered.

No Contradictory Information:

A gig should not contain contradictory information, ensuring consistency between the description and price fields.

Clear Indication of Work Amount:

Clearly indicate the amount of work included in 1 gig or 1 package without additional options.

No Duplicate Content:

Avoid duplicating gigs or copying content from other gigs. A gig is considered a duplicate if more than 70% of its content is copied from another gig in the same category.

Image and Video Standards:

Ensure that images and videos in a gig are relevant, high-quality, and meet specified standards outlined in the guidelines.

Use of Gig Logo:

The gig logo may not be used when creating a gig, except in work samples.

No Contact Information in Gigs:

Gigs should not contain contact information unless required to complete the service. Encouraging buyers to contact sellers outside of Xp Freelancer is prohibited.

Additional Services as Extra Options:

All additional services mentioned in a gig must be made available as extra options.

Gig Editing and Review:

Xp Freelancer retains the right to edit, suspend, or delete gigs that violate our Terms of Service or any applicable legislation. Sellers are encouraged to review and comply with these guidelines to ensure a seamless experience for both buyers and sellers on Xp Freelancer.

Thank you for being part of Xp Freelancer, where professionalism meets opportunity!