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At Xp Freelancer, we are committed to fostering a vibrant and respectful environment where freelancers and clients can collaborate to achieve outstanding results. Our commitment to safety, well-being, and mental health is paramount, and to ensure a positive experience for everyone, we have established a set of guidelines to govern the services offered on our platform.

Prohibited Services on Xp Freelancer:

1. Sale of Illegal or Regulated Goods:

Xp Freelancer strictly prohibits services related to the sale, link to, or facilitation of access to illegal or regulated goods, including but not limited to alcohol, nicotine and tobacco products, controlled narcotics, pharmaceuticals, organs, human or wildlife trafficking, sex, escort, or adult services, explosives, weapons, and explicit sexual content.

2. Suicide and Self-Injury:

Services and content that promote suicide, self-harm, or cause distress are strictly prohibited on Xp Freelancer. This includes promoting or exalting suicide, providing instructions on self-harm, and posting images or videos of self-harm.

3. Inappropriate Language and Hate Speech:

Xp Freelancer does not tolerate the use of abusive or offensive language, excessive profanity, swearing, insulting, and hate speech. Content that promotes violence or hatred based on various attributes such as age, caste, disability, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, race, and religion is strictly forbidden.

4. Harmful or Dangerous Content:

Services and content that encourage dangerous or illegal activities, including extremely dangerous challenges, violent events or instructions, drug use, hacking techniques, and violent or graphic content, are not allowed on Xp Freelancer.

5. Cyberbullying and Harassment:

Xp Freelancer prohibits services and content intended to threaten or target individuals with malice, including offensive content based on intrinsic attributes, extreme insults, and the promotion of violence or hatred in video games.

6. Financial Services:

Services directly related to the sale, link to, or facilitation of access to regulated financial services, including stock trading, cryptocurrencies, binary options, and gambling, are prohibited on Xp Freelancer.

7. Medical and Health-Related Services:

Xp Freelancer prohibits services and content related to the sale of pharmaceuticals, psychotherapeutic and medical care, prescription drugs, medical consultations, psychological consultations, and the sale of nutritional or workout plans for medical purposes.

8. Academic Services:

Services aimed at selling or facilitating access to academic material, test-taking for third parties, and deceptive practices in academic settings are not allowed on Xp Freelancer.

9. Deceptive Practices and Scam Services:

Xp Freelancer prohibits services and content that encourage fraudulent activities, spam, unauthorized advertising, unfair competition, and the sale of social media indicators obtained through black hat techniques.

10. Intellectual Property and Copyright Infringement Services:

Services that infringe upon the intellectual property rights and/or copyrights of others, illegal use of trademarks, and services violating terms of use and distribution of content are strictly prohibited on Xp Freelancer.

11. Non-Digital Services, Services of No Value:

Services that cannot be provided online or bring no value to buyers, including astrology and magic, fortune-telling, debt collection, and the sale of free and open-source software, coupons, or promotional codes, are not allowed on Xp Freelancer.

Reporting Violations:

Xp Freelancer relies on its community to report inappropriate content or services. If you come across any violations, please report them promptly. Our dedicated team will review reported services and take necessary actions to maintain the integrity of our platform.

Remember, these guidelines are not exhaustive, and Xp Freelancer reserves the right to remove content for violations not explicitly listed. Your cooperation is crucial in creating a secure and professional marketplace.

Thank you for choosing Xp Freelancer – Where Freelance Excellence Thrives!