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setup and fix google ads conversion tracking, analytics ,ga4,tag manager,GTM

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Welcome to my GA4 Ecommerce Tracking Gig 


I am very new to Fiverr but I have already worked with more than 100 Ecommerce brands worldwide.


I will set up or fix errors in Google Analytics 4 via Google Tag Manager.

Facebook Pixel Setup for FB ads data tracking and integration with your e-commerce or blog website. I am able to fix issues related to data tracking at GA4 GTM and Fb Pixel.


About me:- 

I'm certified by {Google ads, Tag Manager, Google Analytics 4 ,GA 4, Facebook Conversion API Expert}.I have been working for more than 3+ years in the digital marketing and (Data-driven marketing) industry.

I will Setup:

  1. Install GA4 and GTM
  2. Enable google signal for personalized ads in GA4
  3. Block Internal traffic for better reporting
  4. Setup Conversion tracking
  5. Setup remarketing audience for Google Ads in GA4
  6. Setup Ecommerce tracking using data layer
  7. Setup Page views, Scrolls, Outbound clicks, Site search, Video engagement and file downloads tracking
  8. cross-domain tracking
  9. Track Site Search, File Downloads, Scrolls, Outbound link clicks tracking
  10. Track from Submission
  11. Google Ads dynamic Retargeting tag & create Audience Platform

Please contact me before placing an order. 

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