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Provide 20000 keyword targeted traffic for 30 days

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20,000 keyword targeted google organic traffic

What do we do in this service?

• Enter your keywords in search engine

• Find your website in search

• We go to the target page

• And surf on your website 3 and more minutes

What you will get?

• Direct hits from Google on your website during 30 days

• You can select 1-5 keywords

• 300-350+ hits daily directly from search engine

• Each session lasts 1-3 minutes

• Different IPs and Internet Providers

• Different browsers and OS

• Natural traffic from SERP

• Lowering of Bounce Rate!

• Raising in positions

• Increasing of CTR of keyword

• 50% traffic from USA and rest from europe

• Keyword traffic with targeted country visitors

If you need more visits and specific country targeted traffic please contact me :-)