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Hello there!

It's mean you haven't found the user experience designer for your ideal business. Look no further!

I'm Waqas Khan, a dedicated UI/UX designer with more than 2 years of experience in creating visually appealing digital experiences. As a freelancer, I thrive on delivering top-notch quality to clients who value excellence.

With a Google Professional Certification under my belt, I bring a wealth of expertise to the table. I specialize in transforming user requirements into digital wireframes.

Throughout my career, I've successfully completed over 20 projects and authored 15 case studies, ranging from small-scale mobile apps to extensive web applications. Some notable projects include

Flyassist, My crypto trail, Prezzly, and Passivae.

My skill set includes:

  1. Translating requirements into digital wireframes
  2. Designing mobile apps and websites
  3. Conducting comprehensive user research
  4. Crafting intuitive dashboards
  5. Mapping user flows and journeys
  6. Building wireframes and prototypes
  7. Implementing design thinking methodology
  8. Developing design systems and visual designs

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