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rigg your 3d character with facial control panel

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About this gig

Hello Buyers,

The Services I will Provide in this Gig:

FK/IK controllers:

For legs, tail, and Body/spine will get switchable FK and IK controllers. If the character has more limbs, I can also make it IK/FK changable. For the Ik controllers, there will be more features like stretchy, follow, scale, etc.

Weight paint:

I always do full Mannull weight paint/skinning that always brings smooth deformation.

Facial Rigging:

There will be a Full control panel for facial expressions. The Rigg will bring around 50+ premade expression setups (Depending on the character's facial topology). Blendshape or Joints are both available for facial Rigging.

Game Compatibility:

Maya Advanced skeleton Rigg will work on UE4, UE5, UE controllrigg, Mannequin, Roblox, Wonder Studio, Unity, mixamo also many other game or animation software (For full unic character pre-captured mocap data doesn't work).

Optimized Rigg:

After finalizing the rigg the character will be fully optimized and all unwanted data free. So that the character becomes buffer-free during the animation.

Don't hesitate to place an order. Please put your order on the right package to avoid unwanted cancelation.

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